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February 10, 2019

February 3, 2019

Sunday we remember – The Lord’s Supper reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice of Himself in our place, that the price of sin might be paid, but that we might still have life. We remember His body, broken for us. We remember His blood, poured out for us. Whoever believes in Jesus will live, even though he dies.


  1. Jesus Paid It All
  2. Nothing But The Blood
  3. Song Set 2
  4. I will glory in my redeemer

January 20, 2019

Our giving to God is rooted in His giving to us. While the topic can often bog down in financial giving only, finances are only representative of our priorities. They tell something about the core issue. They are not the core issue themselves. The core of our giving flows from our grasp of God’s value, actions, and claim upon us. Given a healthy understanding of God as creator, owner, redeemer, and provider, putting everything in our lives at His disposal is a normal, joyful, even logical response. Surely His instruction to return to Him a portion of our increase will, like His other commands, serve His purposes, bless us, and bring good to the world.

January 13, 2019

Life’s pain, loss, toil and wear, all work over time to tempt us to despair. But none of these will survive the work of our mighty King, Jesus the Christ. He will not withhold His judgment forever, and will bring an end to all evil doing and also provide healing from all of life’s trails. This mighty truth defends us from hopelessness, that our God is indeed beyond all things on earth – beyond them in love and power and value. He will bring full and complete healing to us in His sovereign time.