Study God’s Word with us.

Our Sunday Classes meet the hour before our Sunday Service (9:00-9:50 am). There are adult classes which are open to High Schoolers and older, as well as Children’s Ministry and Youth classes available. Join us as we study various topics from the Bible all related to following Jesus. You’ll be challenged, find community, and learn things that will deepen your love and trust in God.

We’re currently on Summer break until August but see below some of the classes from last semester.

Previous Quarter: Spring 2019 B (Jan. 6–Feb. 24)

Middle School: Topical Studies107Using the philosophy of The Seven Laws of Teaching, students are exposed to a variety of topics for spiritual growth.Bill Twigg
High School: The Gospel Project112The Gospel Project exists to point students to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Students will discover how God’s plan of redemption unfolds throughout Scripture and still today, compelling them to join the mission of God.Kyle Luck, Sharon DeChenne
Women: Joshua (soon Hebrews)100Women’s Bible study class that spends time reading and discussing God’s Word, followed by sharing prayer requests and praying together. A study of the book of Hebrews will commence at the conclusion of Joshua.Mary Lou Busby, Gloria Kincher, Elizabeth Simon, Muffy Minnich
Women: Stuff You Should Know108Designed for college-aged and up, this interactive class touches on practical questions central to the Christian faith. Is the Bible reliable? How to Pray? What is God’s will? How to honor God with my time and money? Join our rotation of teachers as we dig into God’s Word and encourage one another in keeping first things first. Bring your Bible!Andrea Plotner, Sharon Richardson, Trude Marston, Francesca Corcoran
Men: Proverbs109Men’s Bible study class is currently studying Proverbs in a verse-by-verse format. The fellowship is “pure, sweet, and candid” as participants interactively move from topic to topic.Larry Lucas
Marriage Architect111Men and women at every age and stage (single, engaged, married) are invited to discover God’s design for marriage and what it means to build a marriage on a solid foundation. Pastor Doug Busby will lead this class through a 16-week study of God’s glorious purposes for Christian marriage.Doug Busby
Pastoral Epistles (1 & 2 Timothy)120Mixed adult Bible study class that uses a combination of lecture and interaction to understand Scripture in its original context while applying it to relevant situations today. Ralph Cooley, Sam Minnich, Pat Owsley
2nd-5th Grade115Fun, interactive class focusing on biblical truths, apologetics and evangelism.Chad Christianson
3 years – 1st Grade113This class teaches basic truths that children need to know about God. Each lesson centers on a key Bible truth and is enhanced using music, free play, process art, and snack time.Gloria Wheatley
Nursery NurseryWorkers are available to care for infants and toddlers up to 3 1/2 years old.Children’s Ministry Staff