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The Grand Interruption

February 28, 2021
Learning the Importance of Children in the Kingdom of God ---and doing something about it!

Radiant Love

February 21, 2021
Let the Gospel Transform Your Love 2/21/21 Josh Wheatley

Spiritual Gifts

February 14, 2021
Serving in the Body with our giftings.

Living For God

February 7, 2021

Gathering in the brilliant goodness and glory of god, 'till we break forth into articulate worship and from that worship, live more devoted lives—to the glory of god.

The Future of Israel

January 24, 2021
The Mercy of God toward all.
Recognizing the kindness and severity of God.
The video referenced about 2/3 through is at this link -
Hearing the Word and standing firmly upon it.
The Revelation of the King