Men: Join for a weekend of truth, fellowship, and encouragement.

March 27-29, 2020

Theme: Personal Evangelism

Christ has called us to be his witnesses to those around us and our loved ones. Yet, many of us struggle with this and feel inadequate. The purpose of this year’s men’s retreat is to equip us for personal evangelism everyday, wherever we are. There is no greater gift a man can do for his fellow man than to point them to Christ, so that they may be eternally saved.

The Details


March 27-29, 2020


Total Cost is $90 per person for the weekend, or $45 for someone coming just for the day on Saturday. Some scholarship money is available. 

Who can come?

Any men are welcome to come! If men want to bring their younger sons, we just ask that they be old enough to sit through the sessons and that you are responsible for them. 

What are some of the talks we will hear? 

  • The Need and Motivation for Personal Evangelism (Bill Richardson, E-Free Palouse)

  • Understanding your Testimony (Mark Kennedy, Open Air Campaigners)

  • Tools for Your Testimony Toolbox (Mark Kennedy, Open Air Campaigners)

  • The Art of Conversation (Ralph Cooley, CRU)

More details? 

Contact with any questions.