Manliness is meant to display nothing less than the glory of God! (1 Corinthians 11:7) This year’s retreat presents the inspiring series called Stepping Up. Preeminently suited for a men’s retreat with Spirit-led interaction with other men, it is powerful! Many who have gone through the longer series want to go through it again – it is that good.  Video speakers include: Dennis Rainey, Matt Chandler, Robert Lewis, James MacDonald, Stu Weber, Crawford Loritts & others.

The material stirs men’s hearts with need-to-answer questions:

  1. steppingupWhat does it mean when we speak of a boy or youth becoming a man?
  2. How is the role of man different from that of a women?
  3. What is courage?
  4. How do courage & fear relate?
  5. What does courageous manhood look like in marriage, fathering & being a real asset in the Body of Christ?
  6. How do we escape the emasculation of our culture?
  7. What does it mean to stagnate in adolescence?

The relevant material moves well beyond mere informational answers. It inspires & compels us into actually living the more dynamic life of men God created us & redeemed us to be . . . True manliness!

 March 27-29, 2015  Camp Wooten in the Blue Mountains of Washington State

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Stepping Up Trailer