Marriage Architect

10031475_sOne of the most important decisions in your life will be whom will you marry.  One of the most important factors in your life is whether you know how the House of Marriage is to be built & enjoyed. For the Christian, Jesus Christ is the Master Architect. Do you want to experience the wisdom of His Design?

From Holy Scripture you will see a design unfold that moves you from playing Russian Roulette with your choice of marriage partner, to one who knows whom they are looking for. You will know how to look for him or her, how to be ready for them, and how to enjoy a divinely built marriage!  The result will be:

  • A House of Marriage that withstands life’s greatest storms.
  • A marriage that integrates the differences in genders to a complete fulfilling whole.
  • A marriage that escapes the dangerous speculative definitions that people, apart from God, give to marriage.
  • The know-how to escape from the moral consequences of past immorality or the assault of future sexual temptation.
  • A divine vision that becomes a prayer that gives rise to a preparedness to be married.
  • A divine guidance that leads you to a right mate, the divine know-how & empowering that builds the house to be admired as a praise to God.

Learn God’s design & put it together God’s way from the foundation up!  Begins January 10th at 9 am.

If you have any questions or would like more information on this Bible study, contact Doug Busby, Senior Pastor at 509-872-3390 (office), 208-882-7757 (home) or by email