Christ’s design for His churches is one of deep and growing connections. In Christ, we became a body with all its diverse and uniquely gifted parts that need to be interconnected in a way similar to our physical bodies (1 Cor 12). This interconnection forms the body of Christ which, filled by His Holy Spirit, is meant to bring the touch of Christ to all the families of the earth. Our connection to Christ as head, and to each other, is vital in living the life that God calls us to.

If His Spirit lives in you, you already sense a need to be connected and there is a place or places for you to plug in, get connected, and grow (Col 2:19) here at Efree. A smorgasboard of opportunities includes:

At Evangelical Free Church of the Palouse, there is a place, or places, for you to plug in to get involved with the body.

The Life Groups Ministry has a number of small groups of various kinds meeting at different places and times. See if there is one that fits your needs.

If you have children aged 2-11, you should look at the Children’s Ministry information to see how to get them involved. If you have youth aged 12 and above, check out Youth Ministry. If you’re a college student, look at the College – SOMA area.

If you are gifted in helps or in just doing helpful things that bless others, you should think about connecting with our Service Ministry or the Mercies Ministry.

 These are a few of the opportunities available for those ready to connect. If you have other gifts to help this body of Christ minister to others, go to Serve to connect with an existing ministry or contact the church office for additional ministry opportunities.